When you travel in a land far away, even if it is a modern and welcoming country, it is always nice to have a good friend to show you the way, to take you places that are difficult to find and tell you the most interesting stories about history and traditions.

Kalina Travel highly professional English and Mandarin- speaking guides will be glad to become your local friend and make your trip to Russia as fun, safe and informative as possible. All our guides are certified and will work strictly according to you your requests and needs.

You will also have an access to 24/7 emergency hotline.



Number of Rooms
Nearest Metro Station: Partizanskaya, Izmailovo
Stars: 3* and 4*

Izmailovo is one of the largest hotels in Moscow. It was built in 1980 to cater the most demanding tastes of the visitors of the Olympic games. Since then four modern high-rises have been renovated and upgraded. Now Alpha, Vega and Delta buildings of Izmailovo are awarded 4 stars, and one – Gamma – has three. Cozy rooms, stylish suits and wonderful selection of entertainment. Izmailovo is probably the most popular accommodation among savvy travellers, as it offers very good services at very decent prices. Though it is located a bit to the east off the city downtown, it is very convenient to reach it by metro – the fastest and most reliable way of transportation in Moscow. A commute to Kremlin takes only 15 minutes. Many tourists choose this place, as it seats next door to a wonderful park and a huge arts and crafts market, selling traditional souvenirs, jewelry and paintings, which make gift shopping so much easier.


Number of Rooms:
Nearest Metro Station:
Stars: 4*

The 3+star Cosmos Hotel is extremely popular among Asian travellers. Colorful rooms in a contemporary high-rise in the Northern-East part of the city, just next door to VDNH metro-station, are waiting for travellers who are looking for comfortable middle price range accommodation. The rooms are equipped with Wi-Fi and flat screen TVs. Ten restaurants serve international cuisine. Planet Cosmos restaurant, located on the 25th floor, offers a wonderful view of Moscow skyline. And after a busy day of sightseeing travellers can enjoy dazzling night entertainment on the hotel grounds.


Number of Rooms:
Holiday Inn Sokolniki:
Holiday Inn Seschevsky Val:
Holiday Inn Simonovsky Val:
Stars: 4*

This famous chain has several hotels in Moscow city. Just like anywhere else travellers can rely on the big name in accommodation industry and expect excellent service. Visitors can pick one of three great locations: Sokolniki (East), Suschevsky Val (North) or Simonovsky Val (South East) – all just minutes away from the 3Rd Transport Ring of Moscow. Contemporary stylish rooms, flat screen TVs, good breakfast buffet, pillow menu. Holiday Inn Sokolniki offers a wonderful restaurant on the top floor with a wonderful view overlooking Moscow skyline and Park Sokolniki.


Number of Rooms:
Nearest Metro Station: Belorusskaya
Stars: 4*

Excellent high-end 4-star hotel under the famous brand name offers exquisitely decorated rooms for demanding guests. Minimalist interior design, sleek and smooth shapes, excellent location by subway, just by the north-western boarder of Moscow downtown. Filini Bar & Restaurant serves gourmet Italian cuisine.


Number of Rooms: 212
Nearest Metro Station: Mayakovskaya, Belorusskaya
Stars: 5*

Sheraton Palace Hotel is located on Moscow main street Tversakay, between Mayakovskaya and Belorusskaya metro stations. This modern hotel offers 9 different types of rooms and Executive Floor. Laconic design of the rooms and the lobby is complemented by a luxurious restaurant, serving Russian and Mediterranean cuisine by a famous chef.


Number of Rooms:
Nearest Metro Station: Komsomolskaya
Stars: 5*

This landmark hotel is occupying one of seven famous Stalin Towers, rising over Moscow skyline. The historical building boasting a breathtaking interior is a tourist attraction by itself, but topped with a wonderful service of Hilton’s brand name, it’s a real treat for a demanding traveller. With convenient access to the Red Square and other popular sites, as well as to three major train stations, the Hilton offers luxurious room, international cuisine, indoor swimming pool and a business center.

River Cruises

What could be more romantic and relaxing than a cruise? And you don’t even need the ocean for that. Hop on a comfortable ship from a pier in Moscow or St.Petersburg and head along beautiful Russian rivers around the Golden Ring, or towns on the sides of Volga or Kama. This is probably one of the best ways to see Russia, as you can stay in a cozy cabin, sleeping peacefully, admiring the views, away from the noise of motorways and train stations, while the ship is taking you places far-far away.

The selection of destinations is extremely extensive and routes are flexible. You can take just a few hour cruise around Moscow in a restaurant ship of Radisson hotel, which looks more like a glass palace. Or spend your entire vacation on the water, exploring ancient towns and marveling dense forests or vast fields of Russia. You can even go as far as Perm by Ural Mountains, or all the way down south along the great Volga River to Volgograd and Astrakhan on the Caspian Sea. This surely will take much longer than a usual tour around the Golden Ring, but it will definitely be a trip to remember!

Think of a more exotic destination and go north, to Valaam and Kizhi, where ancient wooden churches and monasteries stand graciously over strikingly beautiful virgin lakes. You will have a wonderful chance to see grand Russian nature in all its glory and touch its ancient history.

The best time to go is from May to September. Cruises vary from 3 hours to 14 days. You can also select the class of a ship and cabin from budget to luxury.


Russia is a huge country and getting there solves only a part of the equation. Much more challenging is getting around. Kalina Travel will take care of that perplex task.

Airline tickets

Whether you need to fly to Russia, from Russia or visit any city of this largest country in the world, we can help you book the tickets at the best rate available. We have access to booking systems of all the Russian airline companies and will gladly assist to purchase tickets for other carriers.

Train tickets

Railway is a very popular way to travel in Russia. Some roads, like Trans-Siberian, for instance, are even legendary. Sometimes it takes two weeks of an enthralling trip to reach your destination, but there’s nothing better to help you understand this amazing country.

There are much faster trips; many travellers prefer train to airplane for trips to St.Petersburg, which only takes several hours.

Whatever your destination is, we will assist you to buy a ticket according to your budget, find a good connection and make sure that your trip goes smoothly.


Please, note that public transportation in Russia is quite challenging for a non-Russian speaker. Even savvy travellers sometimes complain about moving around in big Russian cities. So, unless you want a real and sometimes daring adventure, you should take care of this issue beforehand.

Depending on the size of your group and your requests, we offer three kinds of buses.

The largest tour-group bus offers basic comfort with air-condition system, seating 45-50 people. We always make sure that busses are clean and well kept.

For a smaller group we offer a smaller business-class bus (usually Mercedes Sprinter), which seats 17 people and is a perfect solutions for busy city streets.

Finally, if you prefer to travel with extra comfort, we will provide a VIP service bus, which will make even the longest trip pleasurable.

All our buses frequently undergo technical security check and are operated by experienced drivers.


If your travelling party doesn’t exceed 4 people, we suggest you to hire a car. Again, driving is very challenging in Moscow, especially for foreigners, so we strongly recommend a professional driver. We can cater any taste in automobiles – from minis and compacts, to VIP and luxury, just make sure you tell us in advance exactly what you want.


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