About Us

Dear Friends!

On behalf of Kalina Travel Company, I would like to welcome you to Russia.

Our company’s history began 15 years ago, when a few young and enthusiastic sinologists decided to build a bridge between two big neighbors - Russia and China.

At first, it was hard; we learned from our mistakes, gained experience. Since then, a lot of time has passed. We got our feet firmly on the ground, and bring a lot of joy to travelers from China and Russia. But most importantly, in both countries, we have lots of good friends who help us turn ordinary tours into truly wonderful ones.

We went the whole way, and thoroughly studied all the details and wisdom of the tourism market, and we never stop improving. Our professional team works efficiently and with full dedication to make your trip fascinating and as comfortable as possible.

We receive thousands of foreign tourists every year and with confidence we assure reliable service, security, twenty-four hour support and wide list of fun sightseeing and tours.

With modern technology and the current economic situation, the tourism market is changing and transforming, adapting to the new circumstances. We're not afraid of changes and make our tours more interesting and meaningful, because with our knowledge and experience we can give travelers things that would be extremely hard to find if not knowing where to look.

We love China and Russia and we know these two countries very well; we understand travelers’ wishes and are willing to share the most interesting ideas with foreign and Russian tourists.

When we talk about our tours, we talk about comfort, quality, assurance, and many new and unusual things. Visit Russia and China with Kalina Travel!

Alexander Fedin

Director General


Kalina Travel

Bolshaya Polyanka st.43, bld.3, Moscow, Russia

Phone: +7 499 706 8053
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Email: lian@kalinatravel.com